What is the Arizona-Mexico Commission?

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The U.S.-Mexico Border is almost 2000 miles long 362 miles of which are shared between Arizona and Sonora.


The Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC) is Arizona’s premier cross-border nonprofit organization. Our mission is to improve the economic prosperity and quality of life for all Arizonans through strong, public/private collaborations in advocacy, trade, networking and information.

The AMC has 13 binational committees that act as industry and community advocates in partnership with the Commission Sonora-Arizona (Sonora counterpart) to facilitate cross-border trade, networking and binational information sharing. Through our work, and support of the Governor’s policy priorities, Arizona and the U.S. economy benefit from enhanced binational trade and an open relationship with Sonora’s public and private sectors.

Our History

Set in motion in 1959 by Governor Paul J. Fannin, who boldly stated, “God made us neighbors, let us be good neighbors,” the AMC has evolved considerably over its 50 years. Today, our vision of improving quality of life in the region continues to drive our efforts. We promote a strong, cooperative relationship with Mexico; facilitate the movement of goods, services, people and information through Mexico and Latin America; and encourage security and sustainable development within our border communities.


The AMC seeks to influence policy and decision making in areas that impact the bilateral relationship between the U.S. and Mexico. From such policies that facilitate the flow of goods and people at the border to policies that protect the environment, there are many areas of critical interest to the AMC and its members. the AMC is, thus, the vehicle for conveying these messages to decision makers Washington D.C and Mexico city.

As the consistent advocate for positive cross-border collaboration, the AMC maintains open lines of communication with Arizona’s largest international trading partner.  With its clear political perspective, fifty-year history of success and the participation of representatives from all levels of government, including both state governors, the AMC is an influential voice in Mexico policy discussions.


In 2014, Arizona exported $8.6 billion to Mexico representing 41% of Arizona’s total exports to the world. Mexican visitors to Arizona spend over $7 million per day in Arizona’s stores, restaurants, hotels and other businesses, contributing substantially to Arizona’s economy.  By actively connecting people, businesses, and policy makers to support this flow of commerce, the AMC directly improves the economic well being of Arizona residents and enhances mutual prosperity on both sides of the border.


As the recognized leader in promoting a positive relationship with Mexico, the AMC brings together experts in regional economic development and border policy issues, as well as those who understand how to do business in border regions and those interested in learning more.  The dynamic interaction of these viewpoints is often the catalyst for discussions and projects of significant impact.  This exciting mix of passion and expertise creates a unique opportunity for connection that simply cannot be duplicated anywhere else.


The combination of history, experience, expertise and knowledge makes the AMC a one-stop shop for information about the Mexico relationship.  As a trustworthy resource, the AMC provides the most relevant information on the region, on policies, events, news and business to help decision makers.  Reliable information can transform the decision-making process and lead to new insights and opportunities.


AMC understands that a vibrant economy leads to higher living standards, improved public safety and quality of life. AMC supports this ever-upward cycle of growth by keeping its focus on improving four broad policy priorities:

These four core areas represent the binational policy drive for the Arizona-Sonora region, and will enable the opportunity to capitalize on the opportunities the region has to offer.

Read further under each Core Focus Area section highlighting the mission for each area, and showcasing the Governor’s specific binational policy initiatives.


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What: AMC Links Arizona to International Commerce
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AMC was instrumental in the development of the Canamex Corridor. This transportation corridor, stretching from the Mexican border at Nogales, Arizona, to the Canadian border in Montana, received its federal designation in 1996. It is the cornerstone for seamless and efficient transportation of goods, services, people and information between Canada, Mexico and the United States.