Governor Brewer and Padres

Governors Brewer and Padres break ground on the new Mariposa port of entry facility.


AMC advocates for smart, sustainable economic growth through development of binational investment initiatives, creation of opportunities that stimulate the border-region economy and expansion of trade between Arizona and Mexico.

AMC focuses on innovation and technology in schools and universities, exchange of arts and cultural activities, development of programs for community health, establishment of communication protocols in the event of an urgent public health occurrence, protection of food sources through pest eradication and vaccination programs, and implementation of greenhouse gas emissions reduction projects.

AMC facilitates expansion and improvement of Arizona’s ports of entry, which attracts business to the region, encourages business retention and promotes tourism and travel. And most importantly, AMC supports border security through enhanced communications and advanced uses of technology.


Shared Alert SystemThe Region Communicates Through a Shared Alert System
The Emergency Management Committee continues to develop shared systems for cross-border alerts and notifications. In 2007, Arizona acquired a web-based alert and notification system which is now available to the State of Sonora and its communities. It is an advantage to emergency services providers as they work to prevent and respond to emergencies in the area.

baseline indicatorsBaseline Indicators Illuminate Economic Progress
The original concept of transborder cluster development in the Arizona-Sonora region was proposed in the Strategic Economic Development Vision at the 1993 AMC Plenary Session in Phoenix, Arizona. This groundbreaking approach of viewing Arizona and Sonora as a single economic region led directly to the creation of the Arizona-Sonora Regional Economic Indicators Report, an initiative of the AMC done in collaboration with The University of Arizona.

Collaboration Through ArtsCollaboration through Arts Promotes Community Health
The AMC is tackling community health initiatives through its Arts & Culture committee. In partnership with the Arizona Commission on the Arts, the committee has developed a brief residency program to address the subject of obesity and promote healthy living through dance. This program is an example of AMC committee work crossing over. Arts expression through dance promotes preservation of culture while it also promotes health in the community.

International CommerceAMC Links Arizona to International Commerce
AMC was instrumental in the development of the Canamex Corridor. This transportation corridor, stretching from the Mexican border at Nogales, Arizona, to the Canadian border in Montana, received its federal designation in 1996. It is the cornerstone for seamless and efficient transportation of goods, services, people and information between Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Deepwater PortsDeepwater Port Expands Tourism and Trade
In 1959, early AMC accomplishments included a survey of seaports that called attention to Guaymas, Sonora, as a port for future development. In 2004, an AMC Transportation Committee study investigated and assessed the viability of the Port of Guaymas as a potential maritime addition to the Canamex Corridor. In 2008, cruise ships began docking in the now deepwater port.

water advocatesAMC Advocates for Water
The Central Arizona Project (CAP) was halted by action of the Executive Department of the United States in 1973. This federal reclamation project to supplement water in Arizona had already been authorized. It had funding. It was partially completed. AMC petitioned and urged the President of the United States and the Department of the Interior to reconsider. Construction of the project resumed and was substantially completed in 1994. CAP now manages the single largest renewable water supply in Arizona, serving approximately 1.8 million people in the state.