Message from Governor


Jan Brewer

Governor Jan Brewer

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC) website, where you will experience ample information highlighting common success stories between Arizona and Mexico. I am privileged to Chair an organization with a 50-year legacy of leaders who have honored the commitment of fostering a bilateral relationship with Mexico, especially with our neighbors of the state of Sonora. I have enjoyed establishing the working relationship with the new Sonoran administration led by my good friend Governor Guillermo Padres to identify, address and deploy initiatives to create a stronger region encompassed by our Core Focus Areas: Competitiveness, Sustainability, Security and Quality of Life.

The AMC has flourished into a key platform of cross border dialogue in the U.S.-Mexico border region as it deals with issues across the political spectrum such as water, real estate, health, education, commerce, and security just to mention a few. Each person involved in the work of the AMC plays a vital role in confronting issues our region is faced with, advocating for change in policies that affect us, as well opportunities that exist throughout the Arizona-Sonora region. It is through the contributions of our members and co-chairs from both the private and public sectors that we are able to capitalize on the strengths of the region and I look forward to your continued help as we develop broader policy initiatives promoting our four core focus areas that have been defined in detail within this section.

This is truly a dynamic and unique organization that has impacted the economic and well being of both states by connecting the region globally. I urge existing and non-existing members to join the AMC, so we can together nourish the great possibilities the transborder region offers.


Janice K. Brewer
AMC Chair


The AMC offers a platform for a direct discussion with local, tribal, state and federal stakeholders on important bilateral issues present in the Arizona-Sonora region. The AMC has become the conduit for Governor Brewer to be informed on current issues facing border communities and identify best practices to identify a solution. The ongoing bilateral relationship between our neighboring state of Sonora, and even Mexico, has flourished by the Governor’s dedication to the AMC and importance in fostering this relationship. The commitment of both Governors, from Arizona and Sonora, to participate in the AMC’s plenary session is what makes this a unique and prosperous organization helping to accomplish its mission in providing quality of life to the border region. The biannual plenary sessions take place in Arizona during the summer and Sonora during the fall. During the plenary sessions, Governor Brewer along with Governor Padres hold private biateral meetings to discuss issues such as updates to the Arizona-Sonora Ports of Entry, border security issues, legislative sessions, border leaders, and economic opportunities along the CANAMEX trade corridor. As a result to such meetings, Governor Brewer is able to identify state resources and gear them towards border communities when appropriate. In many instances, the meetings call for federal support either from Mexico or the United States, prompting the Governor to seek federal support from federal agencies or congressional leadership. The AMC has created the ideal bilateral platform bringing all stakeholders to discuss common issues between Arizona and Mexico, engaging all entities in government to make this a safe and global competitive region.


Deepwater PortsWhere: Guaymas, Sonora
What: Deepwater Port Expands Tourism and Trade
Pillars: Trade
In 1959, early AMC accomplishments included a survey of seaports that called attention to Guaymas, Sonora, as a port for future development. In 2004, an AMC Transportation Committee study investigated and assessed the viability of the Port of Guaymas as a potential maritime addition to the Canamex Corridor. In 2008, cruise ships began docking in the now deepwater port.