Quality of Life

Quality of Life

qualityoflifeEconomic growth in the Arizona-Sonora region has generated multiple benefits, among which is the modernization and diversification of the economy, the creation of better paid jobs, improved access to healthcare, and expanded educational opportunities, among others. A condition for a healthy life along the border is the creation of a cross-border health system to better prepare for bilateral disease outbreaks and showcase healthy behaviors. Its regional identity provides the uniqueness of a shared culture, celebrated as one of its strengths. Across the border, the region is equally distributed by its benefits and burdens, but the established bilateral coordination eases the interaction for the betterment of the region. Its global connections go beyond the North American community, providing a condition to maintain a high quality of life, where high-level education is available to all its residents improving employment opportunities in a vast globalized economy. Most importantly, the region provides livable cities through diverse housing, transportation, and recreation choices as well as equitable access to employment, education, health care, open space, and security. This section seeks to align, where appropriate, the efforts and resources of the governments of Arizona and Sonora in order to increase the region’s inhabitants’ access to opportunities and the collective well-being.

AMC Assigned Committees: Education | Health Services | Sports | Art & Culture


  • Enhance systems for managing the prevention, detection and treatment of epidemics
  • Enhance systems for managing the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases in a timely manner
  • Offer high quality education to all its residents as a mean to improve their employment opportunities in a highly globalized economy
  • Opportunities should be available to all citizens and legal residents on both sides of the border to enjoy the benefits of their respective country’s improved growth and prosperity resulting from regional development. These opportunities should also come with appropriate responsibilities


  • Initiated the creation of a pilot program and secured investment to implement the U.S. certification of pharmaceutical sales operating along the border
  • AMC’s Sports Committee hosted Arizona-Sonora Bowl II, a bilateral high school football event sanctioned by the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee
  • The AMC and the Arizona Diamondbacks organized a spring exhibition game against the Chicago White Sox in Hermosillo, Sonora; a portion of the profits will be used to build youth baseball fields. Since then, Arizona Diamondbacks have established exhibition games in the state of Arizona promoting the bilateral cultural exchange through sports
  • Partnered with the Arizona Department of Health Services and Sonora Public Health Department to establish an electronic system for the exchange of information concerning diseases of bilateral public health importance along the Arizona-Sonora border known as MEDISIS Promoted this program along the U.S.-Mexico border region during the 2009 Border Governors Conference
  • Established a program for architects in Sonora and Arizona to receive degree accreditation within both regions
  • Established a ongoing student exchange program for higher education students between Arizona and Sonora