Somerton, Arizona

Somerton, Arizona

Martin Porchas
Mayor, Somerton, Arizona

Somerton was established in 1898 and incorporated in 1918. Somerton, in the fertile Yuma Valley in southwestern Yuma County, is about 12 miles south of Yuma and 180 miles east of San Diego, at an elevation of 103 feet. It is equidistant from the California and Mexican borders.

Somerton is the native region of the Cocopah Nation which is a large employer with seven different entertainment, lodging and cultural attractions: The Cocopah Casino, The Cocopah Resort & Conference Center, The Cocopah Rio Colorado Golf Course, The Cocopah Museum, Cocopah RV and Golf Resort, Cocopah Speedway and Wild River Family Entertainment Center.

Somerton is a well-planned city of good neighborhoods with a great sense of community that has received both regional and national attention as a “Green City” introducing one the regions first citywide recycling programs and has several fully integrated solar systems within the city.slide-solar

Somerton schools have been given statewide recognition for excellence. Somerton has several recreational parks for outdoor activities; the city also has a community center, swimming pool, senior center and youth center that offer the Somerton residents various activities.

Somerton is a community that honors its cultural diversity and heritage home to the Somerton Tamale Festival where over 30,000 people swarm Somerton for the annual Tamale Festival ever year in the month of December. The Somerton Tamale Festival was created by The El Diablito Arizona State University (ASU) Alumni Chapter which are ASU graduates who have returned to work and live in the Yuma/Somerton/San Luis area. The organization fills an important need by providing scholarships for local students who will attend Arizona State University. Throughout the year, they hold various fundraisers to support community causes.

Though Somerton’s economy depends primarily upon agriculture, light industry is becoming important. Many residents are employed in citrus and vegetable growing and processing. Somerton also has a developing commercial service sector with ample room for further growth.