Check out Arizona Office of Tourism’s Arizona Expedition Season 2 preview

Follow along as Matt Simons, Cody Ross, Emily Elyse Miller and Robin Arzon take unforgettable Arizona Expeditions.

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New AMC President Jessica Pacheco Interview

Check out this video featuring our very own Jessica Pacheco who speaks about the importance of Arizona strengthening the relationship with Mexico and Sonora

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On June 23-24, the Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC) hosted its premier annual event, the 2016 AMC Summit: “Visionary Leadership Driving Global Competitiveness” in Scottsdale, Arizona. The high-level forums were recorded and may be viewed below.

2016 AMC Summit: Day 1

2016 AMC Summit: Day 2

2016 AMC Summit: Gala

AZ WEEK: Hispanic Economic Strength Grows
Check out this video featuring our very own David Farca who analyzes the flow of money between the two countries: At the 13:32 mark of the video, Lorraine Rivera interviews David Farca, president of the Arizona-Mexico Commission.

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