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The Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC) has fourteen binational committees. Our committees are led by co-chairs, leaders from the public and private sectors in the committee industries and the committees are populated by AMC members, all of who share a common desire to serve as ambassadors for the international relationship between Arizona and Mexico.

Throughout the year, committees meet to tackle the issues facing the Arizona-Mexico region. Specifically, co-chairs work with their counterparts from the Commission Sonora-Arizona (CSA) to advance binational projects called “Action Items.”


The frequency of AMC committee meetings varies depending on the needs of each committee. However, the AMC-CSA bi-national committees meet formally four times a year. Twice a year the committees meet in Arizona at the AMC Spring Inter-Plenary Session and the AMC Summer Plenary Session. The other two meetings are in Sonora, Mexico, for the CSA Fall Inter-Plenary Session and CSA Winter Plenary Session


Reach out the committee co-chairs any time by clicking on a committee link in the right hand column. Inquire about possible projects of interest in your community, get updates on action items, or plan to make a presentation at a committee meeting. Possibilities of collaboration in your committee and networking opportunities are endless.

By serving on an AMC committee, you participate in grassroots policy development, exchange ideas and information and advance cross-border communication and collaboration for not only Arizona and Sonora, but the entire U.S.-Mexico border region.

Committee Current ACTION ITEMS

Action items are programs, projects and initiatives developed by the AMC-CSA co-chairs throughout the year and reflect the priorities of the Governors of Arizona and Sonora by advancing the mission of the commissions.

Committee co-chairs regularly update the status on their action items to their membership, the AMC board of directors, and the Governors of Arizona and Sonora. Visit any committee page by clicking the links to learn more about their current action items.


Shared Alert SystemWhere: Arizona
What: The Region Communicates Through a Shared Alert System
Pillars: Advocacy
What Happened: The Emergency Management Committee continues to develop shared systems for cross-border alerts and notifications. In 2007, Arizona acquired a web-based alert and notification system which is now available to the State of Sonora and its communities. It is an advantage to emergency services providers as they work to prevent and respond to emergencies in the area.