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Individuals, institutions and companies involved in the provision of environmental services, sale and distribution of environmental equipment, environmental research, development and construction, and environmental infrastructure, and individuals involved in the buying, selling and supplying of services to the environmental industry. Individuals, institutions and companies engaged in water management planning in the Arizona-Sonora region that emphasizes collaboration on programs for the advancement of economic, social and environmental benefits of both states, and that arise from constructive solutions to shared water supply issues.

How To Get Involved

By serving on the Environment & Water Committee, you can participate in grassroots policy development, exchange ideas and information through cross-border communication and collaboration, and contribute to the implementation and advancement of cross-border projects. Contact your co-chairs today!

Arizona Co-Chairs

MisaelMisael Cabrera
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
(602) 771-2260

David RobertsDavid Roberts
Manager, Water Rights and Contracts
Salt River Project
(602) 236-2343

Thomas BuschatzkeThomas Buschatzke
Arizona Department of Water Resources
(602) 771-8426


AMC Grant Project

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Past Plenary Presentations

2017 AMC Summit Environment & Water Committee Presentations *NEW*
2014 Plenary Environment & Water Committee Presentations
2013 Fall Plenary Environmental & Water Committee Presentations
2013 Summer Plenary Environment & Water Committee Presentations (Part 1)
2013 Summer Plenary Environment & Water Committee Presentations (Part 2)

2017 Action Plans

San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora Ozone Monitoring *NEW*
Demonstration of Water Efficiency Practices *NEW*
Development of a Mobile Application to Distribute Air Quality Forecasts in the Yuma Region *NEW*


water advocatesWhere: Arizona-Sonora
What: AMC Advocates for Water
Pillars: Advocacy
The Central Arizona Project (CAP) was halted by action of the Executive Department of the United States in 1973. This federal reclamation project to supplement water in Arizona had already been authorized. It had funding. It was partially completed. AMC petitioned and urged the President of the United States and the Department of the Interior to reconsider. Construction of the project resumed and was substantially completed in 1994. CAP now manages the single largest renewable water supply in Arizona, serving approximately 1.8 million people in the state.