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Governor Announces Border Region Roadmap Project

Governor Announces Border Region Roadmap Project
An essential tool for border communities in their long-term planning
and economic strategy

PHOENIX – Governor Jan Brewer’s Four Cornerstones of Reform policy agenda highlights the importance of economic development near the southern border. Specifically, the Governor stresses the need for continuous collaboration between local communities to ensure that growth maximizes trade and minimizes negative impacts on affected communities.

The Arizona Border Communities Roadmap is a collaborative effort between the Arizona-Mexico Commission, Arizona Commerce Authority, Arizona Department of Transportation and Arizona Office of Tourism. The project’s mission is to identify, prioritize and advance policy and strategic action focusing on the economic development opportunities of the communities of Douglas, Nogales, San Luis, Somerton, and Yuma.

Mexico is Arizona’s top trading partner, supporting millions of jobs in the U.S. and Arizona, 114,000 in Arizona alone. Mexican visitors spend approximately $7.3 million each day in Arizona, pumping $2.3 billion annually into the State economy. According to Margie Emmermann, Arizona-Mexico Commission Director, “Arizona’s economy benefits tremendously from a strong relationship with Mexico. However, much of the economic activity and traffic occurs in Arizona’s border communities – Douglas, Nogales, San Luis, Somerton, and Yuma. Ensuring their economic viability and sustainability is critical to Arizona.”

During the June 2011 Plenary Session of the Arizona-Mexico Commission, a series of meetings were held with Governor Brewer to discuss the needs of border communities. The AMC has been working collaboratively with other state agencies to advance the topics addressed as priority needs in the border region. On January 25, 2012, the Arizona border community leaders discussed the following fundamental questions:

  1. What makes border communities different from other rural communities?
  2. What are the unique needs to make border communities sustainable?
  3. What needs to be done to address these different needs of border communities?
  4. What are the priorities to move border communities toward sustainability?

From that dialogue, members agreed to develop a border region economic roadmap that outlines the strategic investments that will lead to sustained economic success in Arizona’s border communities. The project includes documenting border communities’ assets, examining best practices, developing an economic vision and defining the strategic action. The process is intended to produce preliminary recommendations in June 2013 with the final document by September.

Please visit the Border Roadmap website by clicking here.

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