Transportation, Infrastructure & Ports

Transportation, Infrastructure & Ports

Committee Collaborations

The Transportation, Infrastructure & Ports Committee promotes cross-border collaboration on infrastructure plans and projects at Arizona's ports of entry and safer and more efficient transportation infrastructure in the region.

How to Get Involved

By serving on the Transportation, Infrastructure & Ports committee, you can participate in grassroots policy development, exchange ideas and information through cross-border communication and collaboration, and contribute to the implementation and advancement of cross-border projects. Contact your co-chairs today.

Arizona Co-Chairs
John Halikowski
John Halikowski
Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)
Jaime Chamberlain
Jaime Chamberlain
JC Distributing
Sonora Co-Chairs
Ricardo Martinez Terrazas
Ministry of Infrastructure and Urban Development (SIDUR)
Victor Gamas Luna
Director General
Grupo Gamas
Alfredo Suarez Rios
Transportes Suri S.A. de C.V. (Grupo ALSUA)